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    M.F.A. in Jewelry, Design, and Metalsmithing, Indiana University, Bloomington       1980

     B.S. in Art Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison                                                        1977

Awards and Honors

    Selected as one of 5 “Women to Watch 2018” by the National Museum of Women in the Arts  

               Massachusetts State Committee                                                                      2017

    Recognized by Argentium International Ltd as a Pioneer with Argentium Sterling    2012

    Niche Award - Jewelry: Sterling with Stones                                                               2005        

    Heikki Seppa Scholarship in Metal, Haystack, Deer Isle, Maine                                 2005

    Finalist, Hollowware, Saul Bell Design Competition, Albuquerque, NM                     2004

    Winning designer of the SNAG Honorary Membership Award Design Competition     2003

         Finalist, Hollowware, Saul Bell Design Competition, Albuquerque, NM                     2003

    Finalist, Judith Altman Memorial Judaica Competition, Elkins Park, PA                    2002

    Director’s Choice Award and People’s Choice Award – Silver,

               De Cordova Faculty show, Francesca Anderson Gallery Lexington, MA          2002       

    Hollowware/Metal Formation Award, Millennium Metal 2001, SNAG-Richmond,VA2001

    Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant                                                                        2001

    Niche Awards - 2 categories: Jewelry-Silver, and Teapots                                          1999

    Niche Finalist – Judaica                                                                                            1999

    Fold Forming Award - Metalsmithing in the New Millennium, Portland, ME              1998

    Third Silverhawk Fine Crafts Internet Exhibition - Primary Winner (web page)            1998

    Second Silverhawk Fine Crafts Internet Exhibition - Metal award (web page)            1997

    Juror’s Award, Crafts National 31, Pennsylvania State University                                1997

    Silverhawk National Fine Crafts Competition - Primary Award:  Jewelry/Metal           1996

    Silverhawk National Fine Crafts Competition - Secondary Award: Metal                    1996

    Honorable Mention, MJSA SAVE Jewelry Design Competition                                  1996

    Finalist, Spertus Judaica Prize                                                                                  1996

    Flatware Award, Sterling Silver Design Competition, New York                                  1980

    Metal Award, Beaux Arts Designer Craftsman, Columbus, OH                                    1979

    Third Prize, Sterling Silver Design Competition, New York, NY                                  1978

    Judge's Award, Containers, Bloomington, IN                                                              1978

    Ford Foundation Grant                                                                                               1977

    Best in Show, Wisconsin Union Craft Exhibition, Madison, WI                                    1975   

Book, Videos, Articles, and Manuals Authored

    How to Make Argentium Jewelry– 3 videos, Interweave / F&W Publishing                 2015

    Jewelry Metals – MJSA Press, chapter on Anticlasting co-written with Michael Good    2015

    Creative Metal Forming, book written with Betty Helen Longhi,                                  2013

               published by Tim McCreight’s  Brynmorgen Press,                                          

    Jewelry Artist, August, “Hammer and Anneal” with Betty Helen Longhi                      2009

    MJSA Journal, Feb“Clean Cut-Testing Fox Germany’s Champion Cup Burs in the Shop”           2008

    Art Jewelry, August, “Road Testing Argentium Sterling Silver”                                   2006

    SNAG News, Summer, “ Argentium Sterling Silver”                                                   2005

    Instructional manuals: Microfold Brake, Bonny Doon Synclastic Former I and II, 

               Knew Concept Saw, Precision Saw Guide II                                                   2005-8

    Metalsmith,Spring, Exhibition Review of Alyssa Dee Krauss                                      2003

    Lapidary Journal, July – Step-by-step article                                                              2003

    Metalsmith,Fall, Studio Visit with Jeffrey Herman                                                      2003

    SNAG News, December, “Successfully Photograph Your Metalwork”                         2000

Publication of Work

    Fold Forming for Jewellers and Metalsmiths                                                              2018

    IMAGINE Peace Now                                                                                                2017        

    MJSA Magazine,May, Creative Design – Redefining Balance                                 2017

    Art Jewelry Today 4, Schiffer Publishing                                                                   2016

    “Doer’s Profile”,Lapidary Journal,January                                                                2016

    Handouts from the 21stCentury                                                                                 2016

    “Ideas and Inspiration / Behind the Design”, MJSA magazine - April                         2014

    “Russian Filigree Tips”, Lapidary Journal-Jewelry Artist, March                                 2013

    Secret Shop Weapons – Jewelers Reveal their Favorite Tools,MJSA Press              2012

    Showcase 500 Rings, Lark Books                                                                               2012

    Silversmithing for Jewelry Makersby Elizabeth Bone                                                2012

   Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist, August,“Trends-Argentium Sterling Silver”               2012

    21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series, Lark Books                                    2011

    Earrings, Lark Books                                                                                                    2011

    Pewter Studio, by Lisa Slovis Mandel                                                                        2010

    500 Judaica: Innovative Contemporary Ritual Art,Lark Books                                   2010

    “Doer’s Profile”,Lapidary Journal,June                                                                     2009

    Fold Forming, by Charles Lewton-Brain                                                                     2008

    Art Jewelry Today 2, by Jeffrey B. Snyder                                                                  2008

    Jewish Women Artists Around the World, Cover photo and December photo             

               Wall calendar by Hadassah-Brandeis Institute                                                 2008

    500 Wedding Rings, Lark Books                                                                                 2008

    500 Pendants and Lockets, Lark Books                                                                      2008

    MJSA Journal, “My Secret Weapon”, April                                                                  2008

    Silver Magazine, “On Collecting”,Nov/Dec                                                                2007

    Ornament,June – feature article by Elizabeth Frankl                                                 2007

    Art Jewelry, September – Artist Profile                                                                       2007

    500 Earrings, Lark Books                                                                                             2007

    500 Vessels, Lark Books                                                                                              2007

    The Artisans Quarterly, Summer                                                                                2007

    Hydraulic Die Forming For Jewelers & Metalsmiths,4thedition, by Susan Kingsley    2007

    The Art & Craft of Making Jewelry, by Joanna Gollberg                                             2006

    Accent on Lifestyle, October/November                                                                     2006

    Rio Grande News and Product Review,  “Design Horizons” Spring                             2006

    Lapidary Journal, February                                                                                         2006

    Teapots - Makers and Collectors, by Dona Z. Meilach                                               2005

    Metalsmith, Exhibition in Print                                                                                    2005

    Metalsmith,Spring, Studio Visit: Cynthia Eid                                                            2005

    Niche Magazine, Autumn, What’s New: Hollowware                                                    2005

    InStore, August                                                                                                           2005

    Lapidary Journal, July, Favorite Tool, and Facets                                                      2005

    Professional Jeweler, March                                                                                      2005

    Welding Journal, March                                                                                             2005

    Niche, Spring – Niche Awards                                                                                    2005

    AJM, May -Niche Awards                                                                                            2005

    Lapidary Journal, March (article about Metalwerx)                                                    2005        

    1,000 Rings, Lark Books                                                                                              2004

    AJM Magazine, December, AJM Innovation Awards, by Glen Beres                           2004

    AJM Magazine, June, Technology and Design, by Suzanne Wade                            2004

    Ornament,Vol. 27, no. 2– featured in ad for Rio Grande                                           2004

    Metalsmith,spring– featured in ad for Rio Grande on back cover                               2004

    Who’s Who of American Women                                                                                2004-5

    Calendar 2004-5, Bank Leumi, NY, CA, FL, IL                                                           2004-5

    Featured on TV program, New England Dream House, NECN, June 13                     2004

               (part of interview with Karen Christians about Metalwerx)                                

    Jewish Herald-Voice, Houston, TX, August 5,                                                             2004

    CRART, Korea's monthly craft and art magazine, February                                        2003

    Art Jewelry Today, by Dona Z. Meilach                                                                      2003

    Lapidary Journal, July  - Cover photo, feature article, and step-by-step                      2003        

    Metal Corrugation: Surface Embellishment and Element Formation for the Metalsmith

               by Patricia McAleer                                                                                         2002

    Judaic Artisans Today: Contemporary Judaica in the United States 

               and Those Who Created it, by Kathryn Morton                                                2002

    Allgemeines Kunstlerlexicon, dictionary of artists (German)                                       2002

    The Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology                            2002

    Rio Grande ToolsCatalog                                                                                          2003

    Rio Grande ToolsCatalog                                                                                          2002

    The Ring, exhibition catalog                                                                                     2002

    Lapidary Journal, December                                                                                      2001

    AJM-Magazine,June                                                                                                  2001        

    Hadassah Magazine, May                                                                                          2001

    Jewish Woman, Spring                                                                                               2001

    Silver Triennial 13, catalog, Hanau, Germany                                                           2001

         Contemporary Silver: Commissioning, Designing, Collecting 

               by B. Seymour Rabinovitch and Helen Clifford                                               2000

    SNAG News, December, article, Successfully Photograph Your Metalwork               2000

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    Niche,Winter                                                                                                              2000        

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    1998 Metalsmith Exhibition in Print                                                                            1998

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    Metal Arts Source Book II, (CD-ROM) by Bob Mitchell                                                1996

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    Who’s Who of American Women                                                                                 1997-8

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    Reflections:  A Tribute to Alma Eikerman, Master Craftsman                                       1985

    Honored for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Design,                                   1981

                in Compendium,  by Women in Design International                                     

    Illustrated Anthology of Jazz Violin Styles,  by David Reiner                                      1981

    Illustrated Anthology of Fiddle Styles,  by David Reiner                                             1979

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    Goldsmiths' Journal,  Vol . IV., No. 4, August                                                             1978                   

    Indianapolis Star,  June 24      1978                

   Wisconsin State Journal,  Madison, November 24                                                                           1975

Permanent Collections and Commissions                                                                        

    Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England, permanent collection

               Broad-bladed silver server collection of B. Seymour Rabinovitch, Seattle, WA

    Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Contemporary Decorative Arts/Judaica

    Copia– The American Center for Food, Wine, and the Arts (museum), Napa Valley, CA

               Spoon Collection

    Sonny and Gloria Kamm, California, two teapots in the Kamm collection

    Lee Marshall, Bonny Doon Engineering, California, private collection                      

    Ronald Abramson, New York, private collection

    Eternal Light, menorah, and wall sculpture for Temple Beth Abraham, Nashua, NH

    Presentation Kiddush Cup for retiring Director of Education of Temple Isaiah, Lexington, MA

    Mezuzah for main entrance doors, Temple Sinai, Urbana, IL

    Eternal Light for Temple Beth-El in Northbrook, IL

    William Hood Jr., M.D., flatware collection

    Numerous private collections and commissions for wedding rings, jewelry, and hollowware


2017        World On a String, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2017-8     IMAGINE Peace Now – U of NC, Society of Arts & Crafts - Boston, MA, Kentucky Center for African American Heritage- Louisville, Kentucky, Craft Alliance – St. Louis, MO

2016        North America Mokume-Gane Exhibit in Japan, Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum and

                          Yamawaki Art College Gallery

2015        17 Metal Artists: Influencers & Innovators #1, Elements, Ltd, Des Moines, IA

2015        A Journey Through Time, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2014-15   We Are SNAG: Identity  - juried on-line exhibition

2014        Farm to Table, Asheville Art Museum, NC

2014        Biennial Members Exhibition, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

2014        Points of Departure, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Maryland

2013        The Seventh Day, Hebrew Union College Museum, New York, NY

2013        Objects of Status, Power, and Adornment II, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2013        Stainless,Sheffield, England

2012        Contemporary Visions Of The Necklace, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2012        Art for the Ear/The Art of the Ring, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2011        Objects of Status, Power, and Adornment, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2010        "True Individuality — Adornment for the Hand”, U. of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

2010        Spruill Celebrates 35 Years, Spruill Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

2009        Functional and Sculptural Teapot Exhibition, JRB Art at the Elms Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK

2009        All That Glitters, Cahoon Museum, Cotuit, MA

2009        Craft Show Lexington, Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Lexington, MA

2009        The Art of Opening: Corkscrews & Bottle StoppersWood Turning Center, Philadelphia, PA

2008        Japan Jewelry Design Association’s Biennale exhibition—traveling in Japan

                The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo

                The Museum of Arts and Craft- ITAMI, Itami city, 

                Hyogo Prefecture, Sendai City

                Sendia Mediatheque Gallery, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Nagoya City

                Design Gallery, 4th Floor of the International Design Center, Nagoya City 

                Aichi Prefecture, Fukuoka City

                Mitsubishi Artium Imz, Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City

2007-8 Silver Triennial 15, Goldschmeidhaus, Hanau, Germany and traveling Europe: Messe Ambiente, Galleria, Frankfurtt, Rosenthal Studio Haus, Moscow (RUS) Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Porzellanhaus Franzen, Düsseldorf, Museum Kunstgewerbesammlung, Huelsmann, Bielefeld, Museet På Koldinghus, Kolding (DK), Ninaber van Eijben, Den Haag (NL), Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, Chemnitz, Die Neue Sammlung Staatliches Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Design in der Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

2008        Contemporary Crafts, Invitational at JRB Art, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2008        Master Metalworkers MegaMingle, Pabst Gallery, New Smyrna Beach, FL

2008        The Tattoo, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2007        2007 Exhibition 3, Taboo, San Diego, CA

2007        Celebrating the Art of Adornment, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2007        250 Earrings, Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007        Enlightened  Judaica, Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery, Boulder, CO

2007        Faculty Exhibition, DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA

2006        Reinterpreting the Vessel, Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL

2006        Feminine Adornment, Gulf Coast Community College, Panama City, FL

                 2006        "Parameters of Preciousness" Gahlberg Gallery, College of DuPage

2005            SOFA – Chicago, Exhibition in Print and Mobilia Gallery

2005        Celebrating the Necklace, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2004-5        Silver Triennial 14, Goldschmeidhaus, Hanau, Germany and traveling Europe

2004            Solo exhibition at Fleury Gallery, Houston, TX

             2004          Connections, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2004        National Metal Arts Invitational:  Vessels and Jewelry, Montgomery College, MD

2003            SNAG Collection 2003 – Body Geometrics: Earrings, benefit auction for SNAG at SOFA

2003            SOFA – Chicago, represented by Mobilia Gallery and Function + Art

2003            Vessels, Boxes, and Baskets at Function + Art, Chicago, IL

2003        SOFA - NY, represented by Mobilia Gallery and Yaw Gallery

2003            Metal and Jewelry Exhibit, Natalie Paul Gallery, Geneva, WI

        2003        Visiting Artists Exhibit – No Limits to Discovery, Worcester Center for Crafts, MA 

2003        Refined: Small Forms in Precious Metals, S.F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, TX

2003        Faculty Exhibition, DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA

2001-2003  The Ring, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA and traveling to The Wustum Museum, Racine, WI, 

                The Art Center in Colorado Springs, CO, Main Gallery, Fine Arts Center, 

                University of Texas at El Paso, The Gallery in Ruthin, Wales

2001-2002   Silver Triennial 13, Hanau and Gotingen, Germany;  Budapest, Hungary;  

                Sheffield, England;  Antwerp, Belgium;  Prague, Czechoslovakia;  Kolding, Denmark

2002        SOFA Chicago, represented by Mobilia Gallery

2002        Steel City:  Contemporary America in Metal, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo, CO

2002        Metals: The Colorado Connection at Denver International Airport, Denver, CO

2002        Mechanics of Innovation, Object Design, Denver, CO

2002        "Judaic Artisans Today", Kane Marie Fine Arts Gallery, Virginia Beach, VA

2002        Jewelry in Painting, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

2002        Judith Altman Memorial Judaica Competition, Temple Judea Museum, Elkins Park, PA

2002        Faculty Exhibition, De Cordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA

2001        Metal Departures, St. Louis, Mo

                 2001        SOFA – New York, represented by Mobilia Gallery

2001        Tevet to Av:  Celebrating Contemporary Judaica, Gallery of Design, UW-Madison

2001-2002  Encountering the Second Commandment. American Jewish Museum, JCC, Pittsburgh;  Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery, JCC, Boca Raton, FL; Starr Gallery, JCC, Newton, MA

2001        Enhancements:  Handcrafted Functional Objects.  Touring to: Museum of the Southwest, Midland TX; Del Rio Council for the Arts, Del Rio, TX; J Wayne Stark University Center Galleries, College Station, TX; Perspective Gallery, Blacksburg, VA

2001        Millennium Metal 2001, SNAG, Artemis Gallery, Richmond, VA 

2000        Vessel Invitational 2000, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY

2000        Living in the Moment, Brookdale Center, Hebrew Union College, NY, NY and Cincinnati, OH

2000        Exhibition in Motion, S.N.A.G. Conference, Boston, MA

2000        Refined II:  Containers in Metal, Nacogdoches, TX

2000        SOFA New York represented by Yaw Gallery

2000        The Table Illuminated, Yaw Gallery, Birmingham, MI 

2000        50 Years of Studio Jewelry, Mobilia, Cambridge, MA

2000        Annual Faculty Exhibition, Peters Valley Craft Education Center, Layton, NJ

2000        This is Not Paul Revere’s Silver, Cambridge Artists’ Coop, Cambridge, MA

2000        Heaven on Earth, Goldman Art Gallery, JCC of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD

2000        Metalheads, N.W. Barrett Gallery, Portsmouth, NH         

1999        Magic and Ritual: Hanukkiahs Through Contemporary Eyes, Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, NY, NY 

1999        SOFA Chicago (Mobilia Gallery and I Space) 

1999                                                       Enduring Traditions Through the Next Millennium, National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN 

                 1999        Talismans for the Coming Millennium, Washington U. Gallery of Art, St. Louis, MO

                 1999        Holidazzle 1999, Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, Louisville, KY

1999        Self Portrait:  Postures in Metal, Center of Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO

1999        Containment, Center Art Gallery, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and I space, Chicago, IL

1999        The Functional Vase Project, Thomas Mann, New Orleans, LA, 

                and at  J. Cotter Gallery, Vail, CO

1999        Metalhead Society Exhibition, N.W. Barrett Gallery, Portsmouth, NH

1999        Raising Miriam’s Cup, JCC of Greater Baltimore, MD

1999        Contemporary Metalsmiths 1999, Young and Constantin Gallery, Wilmington, VT

1999        Teachers’ Show, Metalworkers’ Guild, Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, MA

1998        12th Silver-Triennial 1998, Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Germany

                 also: Pforzheim, Budapest, Prague, Schoonhoven, Antwerp

1998        Silver Servers, Collection of S. Rabinovitch, Seattle Art Museum

1998        SOFA - Chicago (represented by Mobilia, Yaw Gallery, and SNAG Exhibiton in Print)

1998        Metalsmithing in the New Millennium, Danforth Gallery, Portland, ME

1998        EyeCon:  National Eyewear Exhibition, John Waldron Art Center, Bloomington, IN

1998        Wearable Expressions, Palos Verdes Art Center, Rancho Palos Verdes , CA

1998        SOFA - New York, represented by Yaw Gallery

1998        Raised from Tradition:  Hollowware Past and Present, Seafirst Gallery, Seattle, WA

1998        Pearls, Philip Monroe Jewelers, Seattle, WA

1998        The Functional Vase Project, Yaw Gallery, Birmingham, MI,

1998        Refined, N. American Metalsmithing Competition, S.F. Austin State U., Nacogdoches, TX

1998        Crafts National 32, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

1998        Contemporary Fine Judaica, Perkins Gallery, Striar J.C.C., Stoughton, MA

1998        Metalhead Society Exhibition, N.W. Barrett Gallery, Portsmouth, NH

1997        Solo show - Undulations: Hammered Metalworks, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

1997        SOFA - Chicago (represented by Mobilia Gallery)

1997        Mentor/Mentee, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

1997        Realm Between Realms, Klutznick National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C.

1997        Crafts National 31, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

1997        The Teapot Redefined, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA

1997        Materials Hard and Soft, Center for the Visual Arts, Denton, TX

1997        Precious Illumination, Indiana University Art Museum, Bloomington, IN

1997        Scents and nonScents, Signature Gallery, Boston, MA

1997-8     Artisans in Silver:  Judaica Today -- National Ornamental Metal Museum, 

                Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum, Yeshiva University Museum, Chrysler Museum of Art, Mitchell Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Carnegie Museum of Art

1997        Forge and Gorge, N.W. Barrett Gallery, Portsmouth, NH

1997        Start of the Summer: New Work, Pritam and Eames, East Hampton, NY

1996        Materials Hard and Soft, Center for the Visual Arts, Denton, TX

1996        S.N.A.G. Chain Gang, Joanne Rapp Gallery, AZ, Gallery I/O, New Orleans, LA 

                Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, Racine, WI, The Works Gallery, Philadelphia PA 

1996        Spertus Judaica Prize, Spertus Institute, Chicago, IL 

1996        Indiana University Alumni Self-Portrait Exhibition, Bloomington, IN

1996        Exhibition of American Silver,  Shreve, Crump, and Low, Boston, MA

1996        Spertus Judaica Prize, Spertus Institute, Chicago, IL

1995        SOFA Miami l995, Miami, FL (represented by Donald Brecker Gallery)

1995        Put a Lid on It!,  containers exhibit, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA

1995        Artisans in Silver 1995: The Vase, National Ornamental Museum, Memphis,TN

                The Arkansas Arts Center Decorative Arts Museum, The Newark Museum, NJ

1995        With Hammer in Hand: 1995 Massachusetts Jewelry Exhibition, Lenox, MA

1995        Setting the Place:  Art for the Table,  Cambridge Artists’ Coop, Cambridge, MA

1995        Jewelry for Lovers and Friends,  Signature, Boston, Chestnut Hill, MA

1994        The Contemporary Silversmith,  American Silver Museum, Meriden, CT

1994        Contemporary Metalsmithing-American Masters, Donald Brecker, Miami, FL

1994        Teachers’ Show, Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, Lexington, MA

1994        Scents and nonScents ‘94,  Signature,  Boston and Chestnut Hill, MA

1994        Artisans in Silver 1994,  National Ornamental Museum, Memphis, TN,  

                Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA, Muscarelle Museum, Williamsburg, VA

1993        Forge and Gorge:  Eight Women Jewelers, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston

1993        Contemporary American Silversmithing, Tesoro Gallery, Los Angeles

1993        Artisans in Silver 1993,   National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN

                Georgia State University Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA

1992        A Sterling Exhibition,  Pritam and Eames, East Hampton, NY,  

                National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN, Worcester Center for Crafts, MA

1992        Vessels, Upper Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

1992        Crafts for Special Occasions, Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA

1991        The Dining Experience, Luckenbach Mill Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

1991        Cups, Signature, Boston, MA

1990        Metals Now, Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA

1990        The Glorified Goblet, Signature, Boston, Brookline, and Hyannis, MA

1989        Forge and Gorge, Hoadley Gallery, Lenox, MA

1988        S.N.A.G. Earring Competition, Joan Michlin Gallery, New York, NY   

1988        Exhibition of Handmade Jewelry, The Goldsmith at Copley Place, Boston, 

1987        Invitational Pewter Exhibition, Tulsa. OK

1987        Forge and Gorge, Signature, Boston and Hyannis, MA

1986        Pewter Show, The Renwick  Gallery, Washington, D.C.

1985        Reflections: A Tribute to Alma Eikerman; A Retrospective Exhibition of Alma Eikerman and 40 Indiana University Alumni Metal-Artists, I.U. Art Museum, Bloomington, IN

1985        Ornaments, The Goldsmith at Copley Place, Boston

1984        Seven Massachusetts Jewelers, Ten Arrow Gallery, Cambridge, MA

1983        Annual Art Show, The Rivers School, Weston, MA

1982        41st Annual Cedar City National Art Exhibition, Cedar City, UT

1982        Make it New:  Crafts by New England Artists, Durham, NH

1982        Three-Person Show,  Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta, GA

1982        Metal Invitational, University of Wisconsin, Stout, WI

1981        Rings and Earrings Invitational, Artistic Sass, Hilton Head Island, SC

1981        Crafts 15, Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, State College, PA

1981        Metalsmith '81, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

1980        Sterling Silver Design Competition, Lever House, New York, NY

1980        Young Americans - Metal, American Craft Museum, New York, NY

1980        Master of Fine Arts Show, Indiana University Fine Arts Museum

1980        Indiana University Graduate Metalsmithing Invitational, De Pauw University

1979        Beaux Arts Designer Craftsman, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH

1979        Sterling Silver Design Competition, Lever House, New York, NY

1979        Indiana University Metalsmithing Exhibit, Bloomington National Bank, IN

1979        Exhibition 280, Huntington Galleries, Huntington, VA

1979        Metalsmithing Invitational:  I.U., Anglo-American Art Museum, Baton Rouge, LA

1979        All That Glitters...Metals Invitational, Lafayette Arts Center, Lafayette, IN

1978        Saenger National Jewelry and Small Sculpture Show, Hattiesburg, MI

1978        Sterling Silver Design Competition, Lever House, New York, NY

1978        Indiana Crafts, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

1978        Containers, The Gallery, Bloomington, IN

1976        Intent '76:  Jewelry/Metal, Edinboro, PA

1976        Wisconsin Union Craft Exhibition, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

1975        University of Wisconsin Student Art Show, Madison, WI

1975        Madison Sidewalk Art Show, Madison, WI

1975        Wisconsin Union Craft Exhibition, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

1975        Undercover:  Bookmaking at the University of Wisconsin, Kohler Art Center

1974        University of Wisconsin Association of Undergraduate Artists, Madison, WI

1974        Wisconsin Union Craft Exhibition, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI


Jeweler/Silversmith Experiences                          

     Freelance and Custom Jeweler and Metalsmith                                                             1985-present

     Modelmaker/Designer/Production Supervisor, gold jewelry factory, Brookline, MA        1982-85

     Designer/Goldsmith,  Neal Rosenblum, Worcester MA                                                   1981

     Designer/Goldsmith,  Joel Bagnal, Goldsmith,  Wellesley, MA                                       1980-81

Teaching Experiences           

     Jewelry and Metals Instructor, NCUE, Certaldo, Italy                                                      2018

     Instructor, Metalwerx, Waltham, MA                                                                               2006-present

     Advanced Silversmithing & Jewelry Instructor, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA         1995-2010

     Jewelry and Metalsmithing Instructor, Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, MA                1992-1994

     Jewelry and Metalsmithing Instructor, Adult Education, Lincoln-Sudbury HS                1985       

     Associate Instructor, Crafts and Design,  Indiana University                                            1978-80   

     Intern Art Teacher (K-12), Fort Atkinson, WI                                                                    1976

Workshops– U.S. highlights

         Masters Symposium, Revere Academy, SF, CA 

         Haystack, Deer Isle, Maine

         Peters Valley, NJ 

         Rio Grande’s Education in Motion, Tucson, AZ

         Post-SNAG workshop, Bonny Doon, CA

         The Armory, West Palm Beach, FL

         University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL   

MASSC – Metal Arts Society of Southern Cal.

Tucson Parks and Recreation, Tucson, AZ

Metals Edge, Scottsdale, AZ

Worcester Crafts Center, Worcester, MA                 

         Metalwerx, Waltham, MA                                            

         MAKER 2004 and 2005, Pescadero, CA

         Houston Metal Arts Guild, Glassell School of Art

         Michigan Silversmiths Guild, Detroit, MI            

         North Benett Street School, Boston, MA                

         Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

         DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA

         Lexington Arts and Crafts Society, MA

         Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

         School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

         Craft Guild of Dallas, Dallas, TX

         League of NH Craftsmen, Hanover, NH

         Chicago Metal Arts Guild, IL

         Metalmorphosis, Fort Lauderdale, FL

         Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

         North Bennet Street School, Boston, MA

         Southwest School of Art and Craft, San Antonio, TX

         Center for Metal Arts, NY

         Guilded Lynx, Ridgefield, CT

International workshops-highlights:

Queens College of Art, Griffith U. Brisbane, Australia                 Sydney Jewellery School, Sydney, Australia            

School of Jewellery, Birmingham City U., UK                              Private workshops, Scotland

Crafts Council of Ireland, Kilkenny, Ireland                                 Private workshop, Girona, Spain

Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada                  Bijou Moderne, Netherlands

  • Private workshops for International students who came to study with me from:

                    Wales          Israel        Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada     Japan

Lectures and Presentations - highlights

Artist talk, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA                                                                               2017

"Making Meaning" A Roundtable Discussion-Fuller Craft Museum                                                         2015    

MJSA Bench Conference, Warwick, RI – Hydraulic Press demonstration                                                2013

CoMA Conference-Colorado Metalsmithing Assoc., Lecture(my work) and Argentium demo                   2012

SNAG Demo Days – Demonstration of Argentium Silver Processes                                                         2012

SNAG Demo Days – Demonstration of Shell Forming, Seattle WA                                                          2011

Lecture/Demo at Association for Contemporary Jewellery conference, UK                                              2010

Demonstration: Torch Techniques with Argentium Sterling Silver, SNAG Conference                2008

Design by Committee: The Challenges and Rewards of Commission Work, SNAG Conference   2007

Creating with Argentium Sterling Silver, MJSA Expo, New York, NY                                           2007

Creating with Argentium Sterling Silver, MJSA Expo, Providence, RI                                        2007

Moving Metal, Clasp Convergence, Nashville, TN                                                                     2006

Argentium Sterling Silver, Clasp Convergence, Nashville, TN                                                  2006

Deep Drawing, Ornamental Turners International, Portsmouth, NH                                           2006


           American Crafts Council

           American Guild of Judaic Art

           Association for Contemporary Jewellery, UK

           Forge and Gorge


           Society of American Silversmiths

           Society of Arts and Crafts, Boston, MA 

          Society of North American Goldsmiths

Service to the Field of Metalworking

        Chair of Metalwerx Board of Directors                                                                            2015-present

        Secretary - Metalwerx Board of Directors                                                                       2008-2014

        Juror - Jewelry Arts Awards                                                                                             2010

        Create Lifetime Achievement Award, given annually by Society N. American Goldsmiths       2002-present