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Balance $1750.00

Pewter goblet
Cup for Elijah
8.5” x 2.5” x 3.5”
One of a Kind

Balance II

Balance II $1750.00

Pewter Goblet
Cup for Elijah
9.5” x 3” x 3”
One of a Kind

Cup for Elijah

Cup for Elijah $1890.00

9.5” x 3” x 3”
Forged Brass and Constructed Pewter
One Of A Kind

Folded Vase

Folded Vase $1490.00

Copper with lacquered patina
10" X 3.5" X 3". One of a Knd
Fold formed, constructed
Traveled the US in exhibition “Enhancements”


Double Yud

Double Yud $4800.00

Sterling Silver Spice Box, One Of A Knd
8" X 2" X 5". Anticlasticly and synclastily formed and constructed. Featured in the Living in the Moment exhibition at Hebrew Union College, New York, NY and the book, Judaic Artisans Today.

Gathering Of Lights

Gathering Of Lights $3600.00

Hanukkah Menorah - 9 oil lamps
Sterling, Copper and Bronze   1-3” tall, 1-2” diameter  One of a Kind Finalist in Judith Altman Memorial Judaica Competition, Temple Judea Museum, Elkins Park, PA


Lithic Lights II

Lithic Lights II $5900.00

Hanukkah Menorah- 9 oil lamps
Silver, copper and brass, Largest is 1.5" X 4" X 3.5"  One Of A Kind Featured on cover of 2009 Brandeis Hadassah calendar.  Currently in the Living in the Moment exhibition at Hebrew Union College, NY


Veins II

Veins II $8900.00

13" X 10" X 1" Sterling Silver Seder Plate, One of a Kind.  Exhibited across Europe in the Silver Triennial Exhibition. Featured in books, incl. Judaic Artists Today. Finalist in Spertus design competition.  Cover image for exhibition Tevet to Av at the U of WI.

Winding Lights

Winding Lights $2984.00

Sterling Silver Hanukkah Menorah, 3” x 10” x 2”, Forged & constructed, One of a Kind. Featured in catalog. traveling exhbt. “Artisans in Silver Judaica Today”. Was in Living in the Moment exhibition at Hebrew Union College,NY.

Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat $300.00

Argentium Silver earrings with patina and one 14KYG wire  2.5” long, .25” diameter   The silver has been microfolded and cross-microfolded, then gently hammered to form. Ear wire and catch entwine with the primary forms.

CD: Reiner Family Band Live!

CD: Reiner Family Band Live! $15.00

Recorded live at Codman Farms, Lincoln, MA, this CD sounds just like us! Bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, swing, and more. Guaranteed to get your toes tapping!

Creative Metal Forming

Creative Metal Forming $0.00

A comprehensive survey of the ways to form sheet metal with hammers. The 256-page text covers a huge swath, from a basic dapped disc, to how to hold a hammer, through synclasting, anticlasting and spiculums, to raising and planishing a vessel.

Order this book here on the Creative Metal Forming website.

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